Super Trac TRE70

Super Trac TRE70

Super Trac TRE70 self-leveling powered wheelchair evacuation and access platform.

The new Super Trac TRE70 is the latest upgrade to our popular Super Trac, The Super Trac TRE70 is a portable powered wheel chair evacuation platform and stair climber. The Super Trac’s unique design carries all types of wheel chairs including powered wheel chairs, mobility scooters and a variety of manual wheel chairs from children’s, adults and sports.

The Super Trac is the world’s first portable platform lift and provides instant and affordable accessibility where needed and also the evacuation solution where stairs become an obstacle for a wheel chair user.

The Super Trac would be ideally used in public or residential buildings where stairs are an obstacle. As the Super Trac is portable and can be used on a variety of stairs it can be transported to where it is needed on its road wheels across flat surfaces. The design of the Super Trac is simple and controls are easy to use with minimum training requirements.

Along with its safety brake design and many other safety features such as the integrated tie down straps and a battery life which lasts for non-stop use of evacuation of a 35 story building the Super Trac is the perfect solution to any accessibility or evacuation problems that you may have when dealing with wheelchairs.

With the Super Trac your organisation or business will comply with the Regulatory Reform Order and also the Equality Act with this portable powered wheelchair platform in place.

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