Compact 5 Track Chair

Compact 5 Track Chair

The Compact 5 Track is based on the same proven design of its predecessor, but improved to give better patient safety and comfort, whilst also providing enhanced operator functionality. The built-in tracks allows a patient to be moved down stairs with ease, the chair’s 4 wheels making horizontal movement effortless. Robust design for high usage makes this the perfect chair for Patient Transport Services patient transfers, as well as for use as an evacuation chair.


  • Handles brilliantly in compact spaces - Front castor wheel and rear braked wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Outstanding versatility – retractable lower grab handles and adjustable rear lifting handle to accommodate different height operators
  • Multi-functional - designed to be used as a carry chair, tracked stair chair and wheelchair
  • dded Security - chest, waist, and ankle biosafe patient restraints
  • Lightweight and easy to store - Only 1 Kg
  • Easy to Clean with standard detergents

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