Uni-Link Control System

Uni-Link Control System

Introducing the new Woodway Uni-Link control system, a discreet and simple solution for covert, unmarked and officers’ car applications. The single button switch offers a non-intrusive install while retaining the 999, ‘ARRIVAL’ and ‘RESET’ functions with the intergrated tri-coloured LED allowing easy recognition of each mode.


  • Single switch operation.
  • Includes easy to install UNI-LINK relay board. Each output is 5A and there is no need for auxiliary relays.
  • Tri-coloured (Blue, Red and Green) back-illumination single switch offering clear identification between ‘999’ and ‘ARRIVAL’ mode.
  • Discreet and suitable for use with covert applications, unmarked officers’ cars and General Purpose vehicles.
  • Auto Sleep mode automatically activates when not in use after 30 seconds. Wake-up mode activates instantly.
  • Standard kit comes with UNI-LINK relay board and switch.
  • A UNI-LINK board-only option is available, and can work with customer’s own-supplied momentary switch.

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