Saerbag Rescue Environment

Saerbag Rescue Environment

Created for the safe rescue and transportation of an injured patient from a challenging environment or a remote location.

Ferno Saerbag3 allows a casualty, immobilised on aSCOOPEXL™ stretcher, or a EasyFix Vacuum Mattress, to be safely extracted from scene via helicopter or winch, due to its special design and integrated lifting bridle system.

The Ferno Saerbag3 rescue bag has many special features of benefits to both patient & operator



  • PATIENT SECURITY – In addition to the Scoop or Vacuum mattress restraints, the Sarbag3 includes six integrated restraints, giving further patient security
  • PATIENT MONITORING – Access points allow cables to be fed into the bag for external medical monitoring
  • STABILITY – Ferno Saerbag3 incorporates patented “EARS” (anti-spin sails) and a 10-point bridle, which limits and controls rotation caused by movement of the helicopter
  • SECURITY – In-built lifting bridle has five lifting straps per side and two central lifting rings for attachment of karabiners
  • SAFETY – Adjustable bridle straps ensures a correct distribution of load on the lifting bridle and rescue bag
  • STRENGTH AND DURABILITY – dynamic material with reinforced stitching for use in hostile environments. Designed for optimal resistance to tears, cuts & abrasions
  • LENGTH ADJUSTABLE – Includes an internal adjustment system to accommodate casualties of differing sizes

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  Saerbag Rescue Environment

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