CD7 Evac Trac

CD7 Evac Trac

The CD7 Evac Trac is an evacuation chair which is used for the evacuation of disabled or injured people down stairs. The Evac Trac is primarily used in fire evacuation or in the event of a lift break down where stairs become an obstacle.

The simple design of the CD7 Evac Trac means it has 1 simple step to complete before it is ready for use. The unique design of the CD7 Evac Trac which has a patented speed governor and braking system allows for larger passengers to be evacuated by a smaller attendant.

The CD7 Evac Trac would ideally be used by organisations or businesses where stairs may become an obstacle for the evacuation of an injured or disabled person. With increased amounts of lift break downs occurring and the advice of not using lifts in a fire evacuation the Evac Trac provides the evacuation solution with ease and comfort for both the passenger and the attendant.

The CD7 Evac Trac evacuation chair now comes with a 15 year warranty and with its revolutionary design people can have full confidence in using the evacuation chair when and where it is needed. With its max load weight of 135kg this evacuation chair can cater for most situations and the fact that little manual handling is involved it also improves the efficiency of the evacuation process with the risk of injury at a minimum.


  • Capacity : 135kg
  • Measurements : 1310 x 426 x 810mm
  • Weight : 21Kg
  • Speed : 0.8m / sec
  • Stair Angle 40 Degrees

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