Aireshower Decontamination System

Aireshower Decontamination System

“AireShower” was developed by Aireshelta in conjunction with Staffordshire Ambulance Service. The design and development of the Aireshower took place over 10 years ago and the product is still recognised as one of the best shower systems on the market. The AireShower is suitable for both mass and low number decontamination.

The Aireshower is capable of decontaminating up to 120 people an hour.

Up and running in less than ten minutes the AiresShower can if need be be deployed by one person. The tough Hypalon inflatable structure packs away small enough to be stored where space is at a minimum.

The AireShower has been supplied to over 70 UK hospitals, but it is overseas where sales of the Aireshower are most prominent. AireShelta are proud tohave been the recognised supplier of 5 Aireshowers systems to the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant following the recent disaster there.


  • plastic floor sections
  • 1000Lt Containment Bund
  • Submersible pump
  • Dividing / Privacy curtain
  • Lay Flat shower Hose
  • Shower heads.

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