VAT 5 Bulk Waste Containers

VAT 5 Bulk Waste Containers

MAUSER’s range of WIVA medical waste containers is providing the preferred option for safe storage and transport of healthcare risk waste to many hospitals, laboratories and health centers throughout Europe. With its unique design, it has been setting the standard for many years.

Striving for excellence in industrial packaging solutions, MAUSER listened carefully to the feedback of customers and end-users and identified safety, easy handling and sustainability as areas for further optimization.

In the combination of its unique, simple and robust closing systems with further innovative features improving the user friendliness and comfort, MAUSER developed a new range of medical waste containers – the MAUSER® WIVA Container System.


  • Fit for use in various medical environments, also for hygienic autoclaving and incineration processes
  • Available in three sizes: 30, 50 and 60 liter
  • Different lid versions available
  • Failure-proof locking system
  • Other accessories allow further customization
  • UN approved for class 6.2 infectious waste, UN 3291
  • Special solutions available for Category A waste according to UN2814 and UN2900

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