Transfer Sheet Bariatric

Transfer Sheet Bariatric

Bed to trolley… safe patient transfer with standard and bariatric options.

Transferring a patient between transportation equipment is a routine task, but not one that should be taken lightly. Transfers need to be made with utmost regard for the comfort and dignity of the patient, but as important is the safety of the operatives.

Ferno produces durable, ergonomically designed transfer sheets to perform the task reliably time and again, also reducing the risk of manual handling injuries.


  • Strong and hygienic – made from strong, durable, easy-to-clean PVC.
  • Avoid strain to the handler – six easy-grip carry handles each side, which fold away neatly under the sheet when positioned on a trolley.
  • Easy to use – smooth material and tapered ends makes sheet easy to transfer patients and glide between all kinds of surfaces.
  • Protection – transfer sheet helps protect the mattress cover during patient transportation.
  • Bariatric version – larger sized, heavy-duty version with 350 kg load limit and 12 handles each side.
  • X-Ray translucent – can be kept under the patient during medical analysis.

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  Transfer Sheet Bariatric

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