Constant Air Aireshelta

Constant Air Aireshelta

Aireshelta have been the leading manufacturer of Inflatable Shelter systems for over 26 years. The conventional Constant Air type Aireshelta has been constantly developed and particularly over the last 6-7 years has evolved from the old heavy weight product it used to be in to a Lightweight, compact and easily manageable product.

The Constant Air type Aireshelta is still very popular and fulfils many requirements, however in a situation / location where constant power is restricted or minimal then Aireshelta have developed there own version of the Sealed Beam type Shelter.


  • Robust and Versatile - Aireshelta’s are robust and versatile, manufactured from high quality woven polyester with a laminate of flexible pvc on each side.
  • Extremes of Weather - Aireshelta’s can withstand many extremes of weather, providing users with secure and protected spaces in which teams can work enclosed and shielded from the elements.
  • Rapid Deployment - is a key feature of the Aireshelta system, reflecting the strength of the inflated beam method of assembly – a standard size Aireshelta can be erected by just one man within 2 minutes.
  • Linkability - Each Aireshelta can be used as a modular unit: Complex applications have been simplified by using the Airesheltas in this way. For example, each operational unit occupies its own Aireshelta – the linkability facilitates two-way communication and encourages teamwork.

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