Hydraulic Embalming Table

Hydraulic Embalming Table

Model 101-H. Quick, easy height and angle adjustments are the essential feature of this pedal-controlled hydraulic table, Either end of the table can be easily raised or lowered to any position between 72cm and 102cm above floor level – so that preparation can be carried out comfortably from a standing or seated position.


  • Easily adjusted using three foot pedals.
  • Four 8” (20cm) swivel wheels lock simultaneously.
  • Made from stainless steel for easy maintenance.
  • Solid, crevice-free surface base to eliminate liquid accumulation.
  • The table top is convex, with an extra deep trough to drain away fluids without the need for splash guards.
  • Additionally, a drain in the centre of the foot end helps eliminate liquid quickly.

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