Locking Device 001

Locking Device 001

Safety, versatility and reliability… the perfect all-in-one solution.

Lock+Load is Ferno’s unique concept to ensure quicker, safer patient transport across the whole of your fleet. Compatible with all Ferno stretchers and trolleys – and any ambulance – Lock+Load employs a single-action locking device which operatives will find especially quick and easy to use.

Crucially, it also offers complete safety, whether fixed down or used as part of a track lock. Load is unique concept that enables you to load any of Ferno’s stretchers into any ambulance – giving you total compatibility between your vehicles and the type of stretcher that goes in them.


  • Quicker patient transfers
  • Maximum flexibility for total fleet compatibility
  • “B” to “C” position in vehicle

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  Locking Device 001

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