Model 59T EZ Glide Chair

Model 59T EZ Glide Chair

Over carpets… in confined spaces… on stair landings… the robust track chair that delivers exceptional handling without any need for lifting

In an emergency evacuation situation it’s absolutely vital that you have a stair chair capable of smooth operation over a variety of surfaces and in confined spaces. The versatility and supreme manoeuvrability of Ferno’s EZ GLIDE has made it the industry leader in its field. It offers safe, easy handling of patients up to 227 kg, without risking injury to operators through strain and lifting.
The chair offers a high degree of reassurance to the patient through its lower track angle,secure restraint system and extending footrest – an important factor in potentially distressing evacuation scenarios.


  • Unique easy-handling – one inch track-to-ground clearance and front 4” swivel wheels
  • Easily manoeuvrable in tight spaces – extra tall 6” rear wheels for easy handling even on stair landings and other confined areas
  • High level of safety – positive locking hinge mechanism ensures chair is locked in place whether in use or folded
  • Complete operator control – optional rear handle provides additional ease of handling
  • Reassuring patient security - with extending foot-rest and lower track angle

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  Model 59T EZ Glide Chair

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