EasyFix Vacuum Mattress

EasyFix Vacuum Mattress

EasyFix utilises advanced technological developments to deliver superior immobilisation, exactly where and when it’s needed.

The system uses a new V-shaped body design to optimise the vacuum mattress capabilities, whilst at the same time drawing on enhanced internal chamber technology for superior stability throughout. The EasyFix offers improved performance here too, as the suction devices fits directly onto the mattress valve so no time is wasted attaching adaptors – and easily adjusted strap mechanisms ensure operators can save time when it’s needed most.


  • Superior immobilisation – unique chamber design and body shape with built-in wooden upper supports to hold the patient in the correct position more securely, head and shoulder support also provides further patient safety
  • Improved immobilisation of upper back, neck and head – reinforced base plate
  • Durable and highly effective – double layered material helps maintain vacuum longer
  • High carrying capacity – load limit 250kg
  • X-ray and MRI transparent – no need to move the patient to another device for diagnostics
  • Easy storage – folds easily to take up 20% less space than other designs of vacuum mattress
  • Simple maintenance – polyester fibre, PVC coated

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  EasyFix Vacuum Mattress

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