Medumat Transport Ventilator

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MEDUMAT Transport provides primary and secondary care for emergency and intensive-care transport patients. The adjustable ventilation parameters guarantee sufficient ventilation, specifically adapted to each patient.



For the best possible ventilation, the user can select from among five pressure-regulated and three volumer-egulated ventilation modes on MEDUMAT Transport. A sensitive trigger and a flow adjustment increase patient comfort in controlled and assisted ventilation modes. The device makes it possible for the user to continue the clinical therapy which was initiated during transport.



Further support is supplied by ventilation monitoring, which, in keeping with our philosophy, must always be a component of the ventilator.

In addition to the expiratory volume measurement available in MEDUMAT Transport, the device may also be optionally equippped with an integrated capnograph (CO2 measurement).



The MEDUMAT Transport functions and qualities include clarity, simple and convenient operation and intuitive user guidance. All of these things guarantee a device that delivers top-level results with maximum reliability. With the information on the following pages you‘ll be able to form your own opinion of the innovative functions and exceptional capabilities of MEDUMAT Transport.